TM 9-243 USING AN ADJUSTABLE SNAP GAGE - Continued 3. Move the gage to the position shown above.  If the NO GO button (4) stops the gage, the shaft is within limits. 4. If the gage can be rocked further to the position, as  shown, the part diameter is too small, since it has passed the NO GO button. HOW TO USE PRECISION GAGE BLOCKS Before   using   gage   blocks,   remove   the   coat   of   rust preventive   compound   with   a   chamois   or   a   piece   of cleansing    tissue    or    by    cleaning    with    an    approved solvent.  Gage blocks and any measuring tool used with them must be free of grease, oil, dirt, and other foreign matter  to  avoid  a  lapping  action  whenever  the  block  is moved,  and  to  ensure  accurate  measurement.    When using gage blocks, take particular care when measuring hardened    work    to    avoid    scratching    the    measuring surfaces. NOTE When building gage blocks (wringing them   together)   to   obtain   a   desired dimension, care should be exercised to avoid damaging them. 1. Bring  the  blocks  together  flat  and  move  them slightly     back     and     forth.          This     minimizes scratching, as it will detect any foreign particles between the surfaces. 15-7


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